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From 1955

Dec. 1955 Taro Takahashi started business in Ojiya-city, Niigata.
Sep. 1967 Takahashi Machinery Works Co., Ltd. established.
Dec. 1979 Kowada main plant has completed at current location.
Nov. 1981 Kowada 2nd plant has completed.
Jun. 1984 Nagoya sales branch has opened.
Jul. 1984 Headquarters building has completed at current location
Dec. 1984 Kowada 3rd plant has completed.
Feb. 1985 Renamed to Takahashi Machinery Co., Ltd.
Mar. 1985 Awarded the Niigata economic stimulus prize
Nov. 1986 Nagaoka main plant has completed.
Aug. 1990 Nagaoka 2nd plant has completed.
Oct. 2004 Nagaoka 3rd plant has completed
Jun. 2006 Kowada 4th plant has completed.
Nov. 2006 Takahashi Machinery (Thailand) Co., Ltd. has established in Bangkok.
May 2007 Nagaoka 4th plant has completed.
Aug. 2014 Shanghai liaison office has established in China

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