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Privacy Policy

About use of privacy

Incorporated company TAKAHASHI MACHINERY CO,. LTD.(following, our company) recognizes the importance of private information proctection, and observes the norm of the statute about private information proctection, and others. The personal information which this website collects means the information (it is comparing with other information easily, and that a specific individual is also discriminable by that cause contains) which can identify specific individuals, such as an individual name, a birth date, and an address.

About acquisition of personal information

Our company obtains personal information by a lawful and fair means.When obtaining personal information, according to the place provided by a statute, our company specifies the use purpose in advance, or notifies or announces subsequently officially.

About the purpose of using personal information

Our company uses personal information, as long as it is required within the limits for the purpose of use, and on execution of business. The purpose of using the personal information which our company obtained does as follows.
・Connection for a business talk with a visitor, and an arrangement
・For connection of a reply and a check of as opposed to an inquiry etc. in some numbers
・In order to perform event holding and guidance of a new product on a visitor
・In order to provide the after-sale service of a product
・Correspondence based on the notification, instruction, etc. of a statute or administrative authorities
・In addition, the use purpose specified especially when obtaining personal information

The indication to the third party of personal information

The visitor's individual data which our company acquired is not indicated for any third parties in principle except for the following case.
・After specifying an indication place and the contents of indication information, when there is a visitor's agreement
・When the indication request of the personal information accompanied by a legal liability is received from the machinery of law or a governmental agency

Management and protection of personal information

About a visitor's personal information which our company collected, accuracy is maintained, and it manages safely and strives for prevention of loss, destruction, an alteration, unlawful access, disclosure, etc.

An indication, correction, and deletion of personal information

When there is a demand of indication and correction / use stop, deletion, etc. of personal information from the person, except for the case where it corresponds to the non-indicating reason provided in a statute, I correspond promptly.

Revision of privacy policy

Our company improves a privacy policy suitably, and reforms it.I publish the reformed privacy policy to this website promptly.

Private Information Inquiries Desk

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