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WEB Policy

Incorporated company TAKAHASHI MACHINERY CO,. LTD.(following, our company) is managing this website. Please use, only when you read the following use conditions and consent is carried out to these conditions, before using this website. Our company may change the use conditions of this website. Since I do as publishing the revised edition of this document in that case, please contents-confirm.

About use restrictions of the information on this website

The information published at this website is protected by the law of the Copyright Act of each country, various treaties, and others. Using these pieces of information exceeding the range accepted explicitly with private use and other laws (a duplicate, change, upload, a notice, transmission, distribution, a license, sale, publication, etc. are included) forbids, as long as there is no consent by the document of our company in beforehand.

The next act is forbidden when using this website.

1.The act which infringes on property, privacy, etc. of a third party or our company, or an act with a possibility of infringing.
2.The act which inflicts a disadvantage or damage on a third party or our company, or an act with the fear.
3.The act contrary to good public order and customs, or an act with the fear.
4.The act connected with a criminal act or a criminal act, or an act with the fear.
5.Operating activities, the act aiming at profit, or the act aiming at the preparation.
6.The act which performs a false report, such as registering others' e-mail address, and a notification.
7.The act which damages the honor of a third party or our company, or trust.
8.The act which uses or offers harmful programs, such as a computer virus, or an act with the fear.
9.In addition, the act which breaks law, a statute, or an ordinance or an act with the fear.
10.In addition, the act judged that our company is unsuitable

About a link site

Our company does not do responsibility for the arbitrary damage about this website.


1.They are whether our company wants to produce by having used them about the contents of the link site, and the becoming damage.
2.About the validity or accuracy of contents on this server.
3.Our company does not guarantee at all about that the function on this server is not interrupted, that an error does not occur, correcting a fault, this website, and a server not having a computer virus and other deleterious material, either. Our company does not take responsibility about any damage which arises that you had these pieces of information used or not having got used to use, and by having used this website, and the damage which takes place derivatively.
4.Our company may change the information on a website without a preliminary announcement.
5.I may interrupt or stop management of a website.Please understand the situation beforehand.Our company does not take responsibility regardless of a reason about any damage which arises by discontinuation or stop of change of information and employment of this website.

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